unce upon a night in Ungaran...

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a lonely night...
there are no sounds, wind flows, bee's sounds, just a tik tok on my board
with a crowdedly mind about paperssss...
it's a big deal for the professional teacher to get a completed documents
in the other hands some of teacher did'nt understood and just ignored about this issue
so the professional predicate something didn't match with them unless they will introspect themselves

the night is getting dark and so cold...

it's time to get bed for the ordinary people, but not for the kind of the 'less spirit' teacher
they still type and type all night long with a brave heart and a shadows of the killing time

It's a reallity of life
still many people got their living were depend on the sheet of papers
this is an obligation to us to get completed
this is the certification!
this is a way to us to get a better education to our students...
bring us more spirit
more strong
and get a healty family of body and soul
this is our living!!!!

"BE a good Teacher Brothers and Sisters................."

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